Judaic Imagery

Over 25 years ago, Susan came up with two Judaica sculptures in stone; family heirlooms, one for a client’s daughter and one for her son.  That was the beginning of a decades long evolution of her Judaica series, depicting Jewish Family Life and Rituals.

After all these years, Susan still enjoys designing sculptures with Judaic imagery, including

  • Bar Mitzvah and Sabbath Candle lighting scenes,
  • Moses and the Ten Commandments,
  • Hebrew symbols for Life and Peace,
  • Wedding scenes under the Chupah,
  • and Dancing Chai’s.

Out of this motif also grew the Trees of Life series. Susan’s work is often purchased for Bar and Bat mitzvah gifts, weddings, and anniversaries.

Customized Family Trees and Judaic Imagery in Stone:

Let Susan etch the families’ names onto a Tree carving and create your family heirloom.  As your family grows, it is our pleasure to etch any names on your Family Tree, free of charge.