Conner Bernett Stone

Stone Sculpture by Susan Conner and Gary Bernett

Art by Conner Bernett StoneWelcome to the home of Conner Bernett Stone. Susan Conner and Gary Bernett  work in the most ancient of media, creating decorative art for both corporate clients and individual art lovers. Susan loves to do custom work.  You can find us at Art Markets in Montreal, Canada or at our other venues such as By Ward Market, Ottawa, and Fine Juried Art shows all over North America.  Images “Drawn from Stone” to last for generations to come.

Unique Works of Everlasting Art

Every piece is one of a kind, carved from the most beautiful stone including granite, limestone, labradorite, quartz, and marble. You can display our works of art indoors or outdoors, and be assured that they will look striking in all weather, and under both natural and artificial lighting.

You’re Invited to Connect With Conner Bernett Stone

Contact us any time to ask about our work or to arrange for a custom piece.